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23 June 2011 @ 04:13 pm
[FIC] Refuge  

Title: Refuge
Author: Shabrina (mrz_jaereen )
Rating: R
Pairing: Jaejoong/Boa
Genre: angst, smut
Length: drabble (298 wc)
Concrit: YES pls
Summary: Because sometimes you just want to escape it all and let yourself loose.



The night was still and peaceful. Stars could be seen glitter their light through the open window, serving as the only light in the dark room. The room was small and vacant, save for the queen-sized bed sitting in the center and night-stand on one side of the bed.

Night breeze coming in from the open window bringing chills, but that didn’t seem to bother the two figures on top of the bed. Moans and groans could be heard from either of them, reverberated through the room. Legs and hands tangled with each other in desperate needs to feel more of the other’s skins. Wanting to feel, drown, and forget... forget... forget.

Tears of anger, remorse, shame and self-pity trek down her high cheekbone and fell, dampening her lengthy dark brown locks. How did it end up like this? She didn’t know, didn’t remember and didn’t want to remember.

Don’t think. She sternly told herself. Just forget... forget... forget. Forget and feel. Yes, feel....

Boa grabbed the nape of the man pounding into her private, trying to bring them closer and meeting the man’s lips halfway in a needy kiss. She shoved her tongue down the man’s throat before their tongues battled for dominance.

The man tasted something salty somewhere in between their heated kiss and pulled back from the kiss almost abruptly.

“Are you crying? Do I hurt you?” the man frowned down at her and slowed his pace.

She almost laughed hysterically hearing concern coating the man’s words. Why do you care? She wanted to snap but decided to hold against it.

“No,” she told him huskily. “You’ll hurt me if you go any slower, Jaejoong,” she smirked and was satisfied when the man picked up his pace.

This would only be one night stand after all. Nothing less, nothing more.

Let me feel and then forget.

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Saparapah ♚sarshinki on July 5th, 2011 08:17 am (UTC)
fyuh akhirnya bisa ngomen :P
sebenernya aku paling ga bisa ngomen FF kamu shab, komen aku suka ga bermutu hehe tolong dimaafkan
but, kaget juga kamu bisa nulis yang rated gini
alangkah baiknya kalau kamu buat ini ke oneshot lol
sambil baca ini sambil bayangin wajah dan ekspresi si pria pendosa hihi
makasih yah udah ngijinin baca :)
Shabrinamrz_jaereen on July 9th, 2011 05:50 pm (UTC)
aku baru nyadar kamu udah komen ini fic gajeh .___. jadi malu.... .___. /hides
eh sama dong, aku paling ga bisa disuruh berkomentar ;____; so I can feel with you in that department ;___;
huehehe ane juga kaget bisa nulis ginian XD I was kinda challenging myself to write something that is completely out of my usual line of writing. Meaning? something really short. and a bit graphic though not too explicit. hehey~
By-the-by! Aku juga pengennya ini jadi one-shot loh! Jae/Boa tapi :p How I love that one pairing too much <333
Makasih juga uda mampir n ngebaca ini fic gajeh hehe ^^ (telat pula ngebalesnya .___.)