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10 July 2011 @ 09:19 pm
[FIC] Unexpected Phone Call  
Title: Unexpected Phone Call
Author: mrz_jaereen 
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jaejoong/Boa
Genre: angst
Length: oneshot (2.446 words)
Concrit: YES please~
Summary: Jaejoong got a phone call from someone unexpected. And at the end of the phone call, he realized something that had sunk him in a vast sea of sorrow.
Warning(s): Language (cussing)
A/N: This is actually a birthday fic for Jaejoong. But I hadn't had the time to post it on LJ, so well, better late than never. Also, this is un-betaed. If there is someone willing to beta this fi please tell me; you are more than welcome and I'll be very grateful! Thanks <3

A/N2: THE EVENT IN THIS STORY TAKE PLACE AROUND JANUARY 26TH, 2010. Where our boys still had activities as Tohoshinki <3

Unexpected Phone Call

“Do you regret our decision?”

Jaejoong’s mind replaying the conversations he had had that evening with one of his band mates.

“No.” He heard himself replying that firmly inside of his head. No, Yoochun, I’ll never regret that. Of course... I won’t.

A tear trailed down on his pale, ivory cheek, as he pressed his temple on the cold windowpane; eyes fixed on the street down below his top floor apartment room; a can of beer in between his long, thin fingers. He had been standing on that position for god-knows-how-many hours now, since he stepped into the very room after meeting up with Yoochun, wasting away his time, contemplating over whether or not his decision to file a lawsuit against their company was actually the right decision. The first time he brought up this matter to discuss it with the other members, he was so goddamn convinced that it was the right thing to do. He was sure that they deserved and have the right to claim what was taken from them, but now, as he was drinking his loneliness and sadness away on the myriad of beers, he wasn’t quite sure anymore.

He took a sip from his nth can of beer, and realized that it was already empty. Throwing the can carelessly, he shifted on his feet to stand straighter, but when a wave of pain rushed through his head, he squinted his eyes briefly, massaging his temple in attempt to ease the pain, before tottered over the couch. He took a brief view at his room before he laid himself down on the couch. If someone were to enter his room, the first thing that came to their views would be cans of beers on everywhere. He hadn’t been bothered to clean his room up since he got back from his little trip to Vancouver. Yeah, whenever he was alone in his room doing nothing, he would drown his mind on alcohols, keeping his mind away from thinking anything. He was tired of thinking. He had been working his brain cells since he had decided to file the lawsuit.

He sighed and laid an arm over his eyes.

Jaejoong's mind then traveled on his other two members. What did they do now? Jaejoong wondered. What did Changmin and Yunho do now? Another liquid ran down his cheek, grazing the velvet, alabaster skin beneath, dampening his blond hair when he bitterly had to swallow up the fact that he could not know what they were doing now, thanks to the ridiculous conditions given by their oh-so-mighty company, SM Entertainment, in order to continue doing their activities as Tohoshinki.

All of a sudden, he leaped off of the couch, ignoring the screams of protest coming out of his system at the force of his returned equilibrium, as well as the throbbing in his head, and headed to the kitchen, for another cans of beers. He took handfuls of beers out of the fridge, putting them down with a clank on the table, and opened one of the cans of beers with great force before gulping all its contents down his throat. He put down the empty can on the table with a bang, then wiped his lips with the back of his hand before striking the table with both of his fisted hands.

The thoughts of the unfair, cunning doings which was done by their cruel company to them had apparently put him in a state of pure rage.

No. He shook his head firmly. His chest heaved up and down quickly. No, of course I didn’t regret our decision, Yoochun-ah. But I regret leaving them behind. The earlier doubts whether it was right or not to file the lawsuit against their company had cleared its way on his path of thoughts, leaving no trace behind. And he had made up his mind, that in no time, no matter what and by all means, he would surely knock some sense into the other two dick-heads, making them changed their mind, and followed the other three filing the lawsuit.

He smirked at the thought, when a bolt of pain, once again, raced through his head. A hand shot up to his temple, as he closed his eyes, pressing gentle massage on the sore spot. He opened his eyes slowly when the throbbing subsided, and squinted his eyes when his vision was becoming blurry. That was it, he decided, he have to go bed now. No more alcohol, or he will surely have a bad hangover the next day.

Jaejoong was about to take a step towards his bedroom, when a loud ring rang in his quiet room, making him almost jumped in surprise. Casting a glance at the clock hanging on the kitchen wall, he cursed whoever it was calling him in this late of night, more over, when he was going to sleep.

“Yeoboseyo,” he spat sulkily into the speakerphone after turning on the loudspeaker service, then laid the cellphone on the table situated just right beside him, as he made himself comfortable sitting down on the couch.


“Yea?” he massaged his temple which was beginning to throb again. “Who is it?”

A pause. “...Who do you think is this?”

He tried to concentrate on the voice he heard from the other line, leaning slightly to the direction where his phone was now laying, when a bolt of severe pain rushed through his head, making his head spinning and preventing him from forcing his brain to stay focus.

Who is this?” he snapped grumpily, gritted his teeth. “I don’t have all night to play guess who at this goddamn hours!” He regretted for being rude, but he couldn’t help it, since what he wanted the most now was laying beneath the warm cocoon of his blanket.

“...You are drunk... again.”

“What?” He couldn’t believe what he heard. This person had called him in the hours where people supposed to be asleep, just to tell him that he was drunk!? Where the fuck was the sense in that?

“You are so drunk, Jaejoongie.”

And he froze in his spot. His heart felt sinking to the base of his stomach when he heard what this person had addressed him with. That nickname... only two people in this world who called him by that nickname.... One was Yunho, his dearest member and best friend—no, he was more like a brother that he would never have to him by now—and the other one was....


He heard the girl huffed on the other line before came an annoyed reply.

“Of course. Who else?”

Jaejoong sighed, before massaging his throbbing temple again. “What? What do you want?”

“...Do you have to be that rude to me, Jaejoong?”

Rude? God, rude. In this case, Boa, you have to remember who is the one calling—” Jaejoong stopped his rambling burst in mid-air, realizing too late that he was indeed being rude to Boa. After all, she clearly wasn’t just anybody to him—she was his best friend. The alcohol was speaking. Again. He sighed before continued in calmer tone, “Okay, I’m sorry. What is the matter? There must be something important that you want to tell me and couldn’t wait until tomorrow... right?”

“You are still mad, aren’t you?”

“...Huh?” Jaejoong rose one of his brows unconsciously.

“You are still mad. About our last conversation.”

Their last conversation. Where their company was the topic in their brief, but heated conversation.

“...No,” Jaejoong replied hesitantly. “Why would I be?”

Boa sighed. “Then why is it that you call me no more?”

Jaejoong pinched the bridge of his nose, trying in vain to ease the pain that seemed to be more severe than before in his head, before replying, “I was... busy, Boa.”

A snort. “Busy? If you meant by busy is going on a trip to Sydney, then heading straight to Vancouver, then I have to apologize to the flower boy for asking a weeny time in between his busy schedule,” Boa ended her sentence with a mock in her tone.

Jaejoong had to bite his lower lip and took a long breath to stay composed, instead of speaking in an inappropriate tone and using awful words at Boa. Since when did she become this irritating?

“What is it, Boa?” His tone appeared to be sickeningly sweet, but he couldn’t help it.

“Tsk. Apparently you are still angry at me. But look, Jaejoong, I’m nowhere near with what you called with The Prince—”

“Don’t you fucking said again that you are not,” Jaejoong snapped in a very low whisper. Eyes now burning hole at his own cellphone. He grabbed the phone in a speed of light, turning off the loudspeaker service, and putting the phone on his ear. “Everyone, as in everyone, Boa, knows that you are. You are The Princess of SMEnt, the top moneymaker, even succeeded in debuting on America! Soo Man can not afford losing you. If only you are willing to file a lawsuit just like us and Hankyung, then our Hell—yes Boa, our Hell! Don’t you deny!­—gonna meet an end!” Jaejoong took a sharp breath before continued, “And don’t you dare to deny, Boa. You are also suffering under the unlawful contracts, your contract even longer than anyone of us!”

Then it was silence between them. Only the sound of Jaejoong’s light panting could be heard. When Boa spoke her next words, she sounded so broken.

“You make it... you make it sounds so easy, Jaejoong,” Boa paused. “When... when in reality, it doesn’t. You know it yourself... SM is a real big company. I don’t know... I don’t know if we can win...” Boa finally broke into a series of pained sobs.

Silence then hovered over them once more, before Jaejoong could speak his next words.

“Boa... I’m...”

“If you are still on on this conversation, I’ll have to cut the line now, Jaejoong-ah. Have a good sleep, ‘kay? Don’t drink too much alcohol. I know you are stress about everything, but just... just don’t hurt yourself. You know it’s not healthy,” Boa spoke in one breath, though she still sounded broken. “Happy birthday, Jaejoong-ah. I will always pray for your happiness.”

And before Jaejoong could digest everything that was uttered so quickly from Boa’s mouth, the line was already dead. Boa had cut the line. Realization then slowly struck him hard in his head at the meaning of every of Boa’s words, making his already throbbing head became more painful. He cast a glance on the digital watch which was sitting on the table beside him. It showed 00:14. Horror then grazed his feature at the realization that he was being rude to the first person who wished him a happy birthday—no, even worse than that, he had made her cried, he had hurt her, he had hurt his best friend. Being the first person who wished him happy birthday had been her intention after all.

Oh, really, what did he put himself into? To say he was screwed would be an understatement. Boa wouldn’t want to speak to him after tonight. No, not after he had hurt her that much....

Panicking, with whatever courage he have, he punched his finger on the speed dial number three, waiting impatiently with the furious beating of his heart, for the dial tone to change into her melodic voice. He almost sighed in relief when he heard a click, but once again, his feature changed into an utter horror, and he could feel a knot on the pit of his stomach this time, when what came next wasn’t the familiar voice owned by the beautiful singer, but the monotone dial tone. Boa had rejected his phone call.

He threw his phone across the room, ignoring the noise erupted by the device when it collided with the wall. He then stood up and walked in rapid pace of circle patterns, while his hands had found their way to grab fistfuls of his hair, tugging at it with force, in attempt to replace the pain in his heart with new pain, physical pain. Hoping his vain attempt could subside the pain in his chest.

He closed his eyes as a tear successfully made its way down again on his cheek, at the thought of hurting his dear best friend. Throwing himself down on the couch, he could feel guilt clenching at his chest, making it hard for him to breath steadily. He was so guilty for being a jerk to her, for after what he had done to her, she still cared about him; she still worried that he would fall a sick over being so stress and drinking too much of alcohol. She was amazing and endearing just like that....

Another tear began to trek down on his cheek. Why? He angrily asked himself. Why did he have to push such a delicate and sensitive matter on her? Why did he have to hurt this amazing girl? When he himself was very aware of the fact that SM was a big company. That it would be difficult, indeed, to win against them. Wasn’t it the very reason to why he had first doubted whether or not it was the right decision to file a lawsuit? Then why? Why did he have to insist on putting her in what he already known as a hard condition? Why? Why did he have to be so selfish?

He realized just then, though he hated to admit it, that it was because he was jealous... extremely jealous at her big success in debuting on America. He wanted her to suffer the same pain just like him! He detested the fact that every time he heard the staffs' conversation over her big success, he would flinch in overflowing loath, and questioned himself to why did he have to suffer alone? Why couldn't he have her suffering just like him? They were working for the same company, for god's sake! So, why did it have to be his members and himself alone? Besides, she was his best friend, right? Best friends supposed to experience everything together, both in happiness and sadness... right?

So that was why... that was why!

He struck the table beside him with a fist of hand in a furious manner. Yeah, he was furious. Furious that he was being selfish. Being too selfish to even care about Boa's feelings! Just that selfish... that selfish, and missed the other two members too much! Missing talking to them, missing hanging out with them, missing fooling around with them.... It hurt him every time they gathered up on stage or in an interview, he couldn’t even speak a single word to them. So near... yet so far....

Another liquid trailing down his cheeks, flowing freely, forming rivers there. And now, he had done a great job as putting another distance with Boa. With Boa... who cherished him in every shape... no matter what. What would become of him­—a thought suddenly crossed his mind which had him trembled in fear­—what would become of him... if somehow... those distances, never close them up? Never close up... because he was selfish... just like that?

The latter thought, had sunk him in a vast sea of sorrow.


A/N: Please don't throw pineapples people! Whatever written in here, wasn't in any way denoting my inner thoughts, yes NO! Never for a brief moment I would think that the boys would lose to the company. Yeah, this is all done for the sake of the plot! ^.~
Okay, thank you so much for reading! Please leave comments, dearies! They fuel me to write MOAR <333


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rafatea: babyjing poutrafatea on July 22nd, 2011 02:27 pm (UTC)
hellow rina, it's miki with my new acc, hehe.
this fic sounds familiar to me, pernah kamu post di facebook ya? soalnya aku inget banget aku nangis baca ini =]
Shabrinamrz_jaereen on July 22nd, 2011 02:51 pm (UTC)
LOL yeah, it was posted on facebook as well back in 2009. I decided to post the other fics of which had never been posted in here, too.
And yay for new account =) I wish I could create another account as well. If it weren't for the fact that I already had 100+ friends, I would do it right away lol
rafatea: babyjing poutrafatea on July 22nd, 2011 02:58 pm (UTC)
oh, i'd love to read your other fics >_____< tapi rasanya aku udah baca yang lain juga (bochun's section 107). good luck!
Shabrinamrz_jaereen on July 22nd, 2011 03:42 pm (UTC)
yes, that's true LOL I don't write much these days. My muse seems to have gone out with the wind LOL But meh, am working on a cracktastic oneshot atm which features Yoochun/Boa, Jaejoong/Boa, and Jaejoong/Hyojoo. Hope you will look forward to it ;)