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13 July 2011 @ 01:14 am
[FIC] Section 107 (1/2)  

Title: Section 107
Author : Shabrina (mrz_jaereen )
Genre: AU, drama, romance, fluffy fluuuffff (I’m not kidding when I said this is major fluff .__.)
Pairing: Yoochun/Boa
Rating : PG-13
Length : double-shot (Part One)
Summary : Several coincidences, one involved a case of love letter misunderstanding, led two souls together. Fate has always had its own way to bring the unexpected things and mess in people’s life. Or people’s heads, to be precise.



~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~` ~


.:. SECTION 107 .:.


~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~` ~ 



Yoochun’s life had been revolving around campus, work place, and home since he moved out of his parents’ house to live with his older brother. He thought it was going to do him some good, living separately from his parents. While in his parents’ view he was going to be much more mature and responsible, in his own point of view, living away from his nagging and demanding parents meant only one thing: freedom. And to him, freedom meant clubbing all night long whenever he wanted and then coming home whenever he was pleased. That also meant he never really had to tidy up his messy room, had no one who would scold him for ‘dirtying the walls’ by sticking up posters of his idols and favorite cars on the walls and no one would give him three hours non-stop lecture about irresponsibility, about school, about smoking, about morality, and then jumping to another, going too far out of original topic: about marriage. So really, when his brother brought up the topic about moving in to live with him, he just couldn’t let himself turn down the offer. It was then or never. He thought finally, finally he could get out of the cage confining him for almost two decades.


But, as time went by, the reality of what supposed to be the liberty of his life soon struck him hard to the core. It was all but what he had imagined it to be. The conditions given by his parents in order to be able to stay in his older brother’s apartment had pushed and forced  him into routines that hadn’t allowed him to do much even to dream on the freedom he was longing to have almost next to nothing. He found himself hard to break free from the routines. For his parents expected excellent grades in each of semester, he needed to follow the routines or else. Going to college, sit for a good hour or two in lectures, going home to watch her brother made out with his girl on a couch, going straight to his room, doing some homework, brushing his teeth and go to bed. Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday working part-time as a waiter at a fancy restaurant for the night shifts. Clubbing on Friday and Saturday nights. And after a year since he moved in, he was soon stumbled upon the word boredom, in all capslock.


And then, Monday came rolling again.


Yoochun groaned to his pillow. He didn’t feel like going to college today. His much needed sleep was being the reason why. Oh well. What was the point of lying to himself now? Who he was going to fool anyway. Though he hadn’t completely lied when he said he needed sleep to pay for the missing time (the restaurant was frequent of patrons due to last night being the new year’s eve thus, resulting in staying until a little past over midnight and he could only crash to bed at two in the morning) the main reason was because he had Mandarin class first thing in the morning. It was the same as mathematics, Mandarin was never friends with him. Not in the past, not now, and certainly not in the near future. Not ever ever. It made him idly wondered why he decided to take this class for the semester in the first place. Oh right. He remembered now. It was because businesses in any kind possible often deal with Chinese people. He wouldn’t want standing flabbergasted in front of one of his future Chinese acquaintance now, would he. But then again there was always a possibility of hiring a translator. But he figured that would be too much of a hassle. Speaking fluently in Chinese was on his list of what could be considered as cool to him anyway.  


“Yoochun-ah?” Yoohwan’s head protruded on the doorway. “You have a morning class in less than forty minutes.”


“Not going,” Yoochun’s reply came out muffled for his face still buried deep in his pillow, but Yoohwan could decipher the words nonetheless.


“Why not?” by now Yoohwan had his arms crossed over his chest, a frown on his forehead and body leaned on the door frame.


“Just don’t feel like it. Happy?” Yoochun replied curtly. “Now, shoo. Someone is trying to sleep here.”


Yoohwan made a face hearing his brother’s reply. “I believe you hadn’t forgotten the conditions made for you to be able to stay in this apartment. But of course I don’t mind reminding you that they need to have you back in their house, no, force you back with or without violence, if there was even a single absence on your class attendance report.”


Yoochun quickly sat up. “I really don’t understand mom and dad! They let you live on your own without any conditions at all, so why couldn’t they do the same for me? This is unfair!”


Yoohwan smirked. “I’m not the rebellious one, y’know. Besides, I have no records of skipping class since kindergarten,” Yoohwan said with a hint of mockery.


“Says someone who skipped class just yesterday.”


“Yesterday is Sunday, smartass. No one would have classes,” Yoohwan held back a wicked chuckle.


Yoochun’s feature darkened. “You know that I meant Friday.”


“Oh? Really?” Yoohwan faked a shocked face. “But Yoochun-ah, today is Monday, so yesterday was supposed to be Sunday, wasn’t it,” Yoohwan stated the obvious, voice heavy with sarcasm.


Pillow flying in the direction of Yoohwan’s face but he managed to dodge it. Loud, amused laugh closely followed coming from the older brother and an angry yell “Go away!” from the younger only made Yoohwan laugh harder. Seeing that his brother wouldn’t budge in any time soon, Yoochun huffed angrily, crawled out of bed and stomped his way out of his room. Not forgetting to take his towel before he made his exit.


“What,” Yoohwan spat out, eyeing the towel hanging loosely on his brother’s shoulder. “Why bother bathing? Didn’t you say you weren’t going?”


“Why bother staying, when you didn’t plan on giving me what I wanted?” Yoochun bit back as he went pass his brother, heading to the bathroom.


“You know me too well, dear brother,” Yoohwan feigned innocence. “I’m surprised out of my wits!”


Yoochun just rolled his eyes before slamming the door to the bathroom shut.


~ ` ~ ` ~ `~


“Achoo!” Yoochun sniffed and then rubbed his nose furiously.


Aish... he was definitely coming down with something. His body just felt so heavy that had nothing to do at all with him having lack of rest. After having cold shower to rid of his drowsiness, his body temperature just heightened at an alarming rate and his body felt really, really heavy, like he was carrying tons of bricks on his back.


Must have overworked myself last night. Yoochun nodded to himself.


He cast a glance at his watch and figured that he had already late fifteen minutes for his first class. He thought it might as well he skipped class and got some rest before the next class after lunch break: Accounting. Yeah. Accounting. Math.


Yoochun groaned inwardly at the thought. This was why he always wanted to skip classes on Monday. Mandarin and Accounting straight in one day was just a no-no in his book.


Stifling a yawn, he contemplated on resting in the clinic. But by the look of things, it wasn’t really an option by then. The place was far off on the south wing of the building. Too far for his liking. He considered the library he saw three feet ahead and thought it was perfect.


At the entrance to the library, Yoochun hesitated for a moment. He was fearful for this one absent, he had to pay it big time: returning back to the cage that was his parents’ house. At long last, however, he shook his head and decided that this one wasn’t really called an absent noting that he might be coming down with flu. He was on a sick leave. Yes. Yoochun nodded to himself and made the not so grand entrance to the library.


Having to sleep in public was also a no-no in his book (although he had fallen asleep in class several times before, but that was a totally different case, mind you), so he quickly settled for the most secluded area he could find in his peripheral view, a section with shelves full of thick, colorful books. He went to the corner between high shelves, made himself at ease sitting on the cold floor (the floor would be warm in no time because of his body heat anyway), curling into a ball, leaning on the thick books served as a form of cushion, yawning and fell fast asleep.


Yoochun must have fallen asleep for some time then, when tantalizing scents attacking his nostrils, infiltrating his dreams. He woke up with a start, oblivious for a while as to where he had been. Quickly remembering that he had been resting on the floor of the campus library, Yoochun turned his head when a screeching sound of metal scratched against the floor. The sight of rich dark auburn hair that was cut short showing a span of smooth neck about 100 centimeters away from him flooding his eyesight. From where he was sitting, it was hard to look at the guy's face clearly. But it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out what he was doing. The guy was bending at the waist over a ladder, trying to locate the right place for the ladder’s legs so that he could climb on it and look for the book he needed. As he climbed, the scent from earlier wafted out and Yoochun figured then that the scent must be coming from the guy's perfume. A fragrance so distinct of blended vanilla and lavender. The perfume was suspiciously too effeminate for a guy.


The guy was wearing leather boots, and to complement his slim legs, he wore a pair of tight faded denim jeans. Done observing the lower parts, Yoochun’s eyes traveled upward and saw a glimpse of his smooth, creamy white skin peeking out from under his shirt that he (Yoochun) thought a size or two bigger than the actual size the guy could be wearing. He stared at the teasing skin a little for a minute too long before he realized what he was doing: ogling, no, scratch that, checking out someone of the same gender was never a healthy thing to do. But that was when the guy stretched his left arm to reach a book stored on a little higher shelf and showed off more of what was hidden under the shirt. And Yoochun’s eyes widened when he didn’t expect to see what was put on his chest....


A bra.


Shit! He is a she!


Flustered, Yoochun quickly looked down on his own lap. He could feel heat rising on his cheeks.


Aish... this is embarrassing. How could I mistake a girl for a guy?


Sheepishly, Yoochun looked up once more, just in time when the girl was about to climb down. It was short. But the girl’s eyes unpredictably met his. And Yoochun took an involuntary sharp breath when their eyes locked.


There was something in the girl’s eyes that fascinated him so much he couldn’t put it into words. Something in those almond eyes spoke of thousands of stories, hidden beneath layers of cold pools of chocolate orbs in the dark of the night. He felt so enticed, he felt like being pulled in by endless vast, dark sea. He could only continue to stare, let his soul be engulfed and swim in those orbs.


For what seemed like an eternity, the moment in actuality had lasted no longer than three seconds when the girl unceremoniously tore away from the gaze, climbing down the ladder in silence with a book in one hand. And it only took Yoochun two times blinking his eyes before the girl completely vanishing from sight.


The magic had broken. He let out the breath he didn’t even realize he had been holding.


His boring life was about to change.


~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~` ~`~

~to be continued~

~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~` ~`~

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you're never gonna find true lovekeytchun04 on August 20th, 2011 06:42 am (UTC)
hey, hey, hey!

I rarely read het, but this is just irresistible. I like how Yoochun's really not an a*hole even with that rebellious streak he's got. I like him a lot already. As for Boa, it's so her to be quite the boyish type; still has to get more info about her, though.

Please update soon. Thanks!
Shabrinamrz_jaereen on August 21st, 2011 02:33 pm (UTC)

How did you find this fic? It was posted like EONS ago LOL (at least in my head)
Thanks for giving it a try even though you rarely read het =] Thanks for dropping by and leaving comment <3
you're never gonna find true lovekeytchun04 on August 22nd, 2011 08:37 am (UTC)
ikr! haha, i look up for fics i've missed whenever i have time. i've seen this before but just recently got the time to read. Are you still finishing this up? I really want to know what happens. :]
Shabrinamrz_jaereen on August 23rd, 2011 03:05 pm (UTC)
Ahh... so that's how =]
Uhm, I don't know LOL Probably, yes. It's just that I don't usually write happy things, so it's really hard for me to get into the right mood :( Am afraid if I wrote with the wrong mood, the fic will take a nasty turn into another bloody angst LOL People told me I write angst best, and yes, I myself enjoy writing angst so much. tee-hee
Btw, while you are waiting for this piece to be updated, do you mind to check out my newest fic? It's angst btw LOL
you're never gonna find true lovekeytchun04 on August 23rd, 2011 11:03 pm (UTC)
oh, i like reading angsty fics but I'm not really into tragic ones. yeah, i agree, mood is a major aspect of writing.

okay, gotta check out that new fic of yours later. thanks!