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27 June 2009 @ 11:00 pm
Title: My Little Girl
Author: Shabrina (mrz_jaereen )
Concrit: YES please~
Rating: PG-13
Genre: semi-angst, fluff, romance
Length: one-shot
Pairing(s): Jung Yunho/Lee Jiyeon
Yunho was 27 while his girlfriend, Jiyeon, was still 18. They had been dating for roughly 2 weeks now. But why did she seem so distant these past of days? She barely ever showed her smile. She often acted icy cold toward him. It made Yunho become anxious everytime he was with her. Why, indeed? Why did she felt the urge to act that way? Did she had grown tired of him? Did the age gap between them, that Yunho thought would surely be an issue in their further relationship, had made its way to separate them?
amazing howlsgirl . Thanks so much <3 *hugs*

“Uhm, Jiyeon-ah,” Yunho gulped a lump which suddenly formed inside his throat. “Are you free tonight?”.Collapse )</div></div>

Okay, before I ended my A/N, I wanna say thanks for reading! And if it's not a bother, please leave a comment ^__^


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07 May 2009 @ 07:43 pm

Oh. My. God.
I know I shouldn't have gone on the line at this rate cuz the Math exams are dated on Wednesday, thus, I should gone studying instead writing this but...

This is just friggen' Oh my GOD! I have been on hiatus on every forum including TVXQ! Forum, so I practically dunno anything 'bout what's been happening lately. Then I go to someone page here (I can't mention her username, cuz I dun want her to know that I stalk her page) and there was an entry of her asking whether or not issues 'bout Junsu go on stage on wheelchair is true! And yea, it's friggen' true!! God, I just watched the video and I was almost in tears. Oh, fortunately it's only sprained. Get well soon, Junsu!!

The article and pictures..Collapse )

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06 May 2009 @ 09:57 am
[12] Jaejoong
[12] Boa

Clickie for IconnessCollapse )

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11 April 2009 @ 03:58 pm

OH!!%$#%@$n@#u$j*#(<!!!!! XD XD

Gosh! I can see undies at the back! I know you do, too. but, but, but, gaaahhh!!! damn!!
I wonder, from where they got this photo? And more important thing, who posted this? Jae himself??
GOSH! he's sooo @*&@*$#(@#*)*#*(@*~$!!! *dies*

(I really dun want to get myself into trouble =-=;)

credit: togethertvxq+tvxqmaice
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress+ DBSKnights
re-upload: mrz_jaereen@LJ

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09 April 2009 @ 01:50 pm

I always had this in mind : I should have written something about my relationship with my younger brother.
Well, not quite.  I got the idea when I read a fic entitled with "Two Brothers-One Love" by howlsgirl 

The fic has Yunho and Jaejoong as the main focus. The interesting thing is : this time they are not in some kind of romantic relationship as everyone always writes about them. They are merely brothers.

The idea was popped in my mind all of a sudden: I should write about my brother and I. But it wouldn't be a fanfic. Why? Simply because I couldn't picture myself and my younger brother as any artistes that I have considered to be the characters. So, I will just make up my own characters for this one story.

The problem is... I couldn't come up with a good-- great title.. Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks <3

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24 March 2009 @ 05:08 pm
Ha ha. Instead of posting the story up, I kept on posting the graphics. LOL
Please click on the picture to see the original size

^ wwooooww!!!! they were in bed! they really should date each other!! XD *runs*

Spoiler : Les Miserables Book Cover

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