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You have stumbled upon the writing journal of a hardcore TVXQ!5 fan, Sabrina. In here you will find fanworks-related which include fanfiction. The writing author of the fanfictions take no claim of the characters used in the stories. The characters you will find in the stories are all real people in the music industry of South Korea. If you decide to take a peek at my works, please do not claim them as your works. Do not plagiarize them. I believe plagiarist and copy-cats are hateful people who should just gth. With that as an introductory, please proceed to the writing journal.

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Brief Intro
Name: Shabrina
Nicknames: Families and close friends call me Rina
Birthday: December 16, 1992, which makes me exactly 7 years younger than DBSK Kim Junsu.
Zodiac: Sagitarius
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 158 cm yea I'm short :(
Body Type: Average
Relationship Status: Single
Religious Views: Islam

My Current Interests
As of late, I'm into Japanese dramas. The kind with murder scenes and chasing the murderer. Yap, the detective themed ones. But that doesn't limit my love for JDramas. I love all JDramas of which have medical and musical/art themes (two things which are completely unrelated, yes). And to think that I'm not cut out to be a gamer, I'm into computer games recently.

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That's about all I think. Please get started to browse around my writing journal. [Updated July 10th, 2011]